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About Alec Ullman

About Alec Ullman

Alec's entire career has been centered around helping people get what they want. While he was Executive Sales Director at Charter Communications, he realized that he wanted to do something more. He wanted to help individuals achieve their dreams. Nothing is more fulfilling to than watching others find their passion in life.

This drove him to start his Bottom Line Franchise Consulting. His experience in sales, marketing and small business makes him an asset to any client he is working with. His patience and ability to listen to his candidates make him perfect for helping people find the best opportunity for them.

When not working, he enjoys writing literature and music, playing drums, and taking care of his rescues. He is also an avid video game enthusiast, an animal lover, and a general nerd. A big fan of hockey, having played travel when he was younger, he's rooting for the Columbus Blue Jackets and Detroit Red Wings.